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club_excalibur's Journal

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Q] What is this?
A] This is a role playing game based on the X-Men series, mainly the movieverse, but there's a special twist. This game has nothing to do with Xaviers School, or any of the characters in the canon. This game revolves around a group of mutants who patronize/work at Club Excalibur, a club that is secretly for mutants. What happens in the movies, though, may have an effect on their lives (ex, the Cerebro attacks did happen in their universe), but none of the movie/cannon characters will be making an appearance.

Q] How is the game played?
A] Through both AIM and livejournal. Players are required to post both in their character's journals and the community journal at least once a week. AIM sessions and posts to the community journal will be in third person, present tense. Character journals should be in first person, as you would your own live journal.

Any further questions can be sent to the moderators at: diane@barely-floating.net, and tasteinmen7@hotmail.com. Our journals are: endless_fever & bionic.

Please read over these rules:
1] You must have a separate journal for your character. LJ codes are free now, so no excuses.
2] You must also have an AIM screen name to use.
3] Maturity is a must. This is a slash friendly game.
4] You can't involve another character unless you have permission from the person who plays character.
5] No OOC posts in the journals, save that for the OOC journal. (ooc_excalibur)
6] You must post at least once a week, unless you contact the moderators otherwise.
7] Please keep logs of your AIM sessions, and post them to the community in this format:

What: (brief summery)
The Log: (behind an LJ-Cut)

If you'd like to join our community, please go to join_excalibur

Current Members:

[Character Name (journal) (AIM SN) ] [Celebrity Used] [Player (player's journal) (AIM SN)] [Notes]

[Melanie Lambert (mel_kitty) (NeevKhushrenada)] [Josie Maran] [Neev (neev) (NeevKhushrenada)]

[Ronan Mikhailov (ronan_m) (plasticine23)] [Tom Hardy] [Meixia (bionic) (plasticine23)] [Ronan is the manager of the club.]

[Travis Moore (travis_moore) (travism00re)] [Hayden Christensen] [Diane (endless_fever) (maybeifyoudsmile)] [Travis is a bartender for the club.]